A Little History...
From cutting his teeth with Steven Tyler of
Aerosmith fame, to the Boston Band era of the '70's
and early '80's, then emigration to the Roaring Fork
Valley in 1983, Ferren has enjoyed a long and varied
musical career.

On a lark, Ferren took his band 'Les Tension and the
Stress Kings' to a Battle of the Bands in Denver...
which they won!

Throughout the years Dwight and his various bands
have opened for many national acts including
Aerosmith, The Guess Who, Steppenwolf, and Edgar
Winter among others.

With the demise of the Stress Kings, Ferren began in
earnest to record all his original material, playing all
the instruments while handling the vocal chores and
harmonies as well.

Now he has rekindled his love affair with the acoustic
guitar. Playing original solo instrumental arrangements
of many classic tunes from the '50's through the
'80's, Ferren will provide a relaxing musical